Rehab Station

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Rehab Station

The RehabStation™ — Portable and Compact Therapy Gym

• Generate and sustain referrals

• Perform aggressive therapy almost anywhere within building

• One piece of equipment with a small footprint reduces the need for others

• Minimizes fall risks between exercises and activities

• Reduces patient transport time to/from gym

• Safety harness allows less hands-on patient and more time for “point of service documentation”

• Minimize the times a patient refuses therapy

• Reduce potential “make-up minutes”

• The activities are easily measurable, allowing for more objective documentation of therapy progress

Designed to Produce Outcomes

Patients now have a device that with challenge their strength, balance and function while feeling safe and secure with the overhead harness and if need be in the privacy of their own room. Therapists can use the RehabStation™ to do multiple exercises in a short amount of time so they can treat more patients throughout the day with the same effectiveness as all the machines combined.


The RehabStation™ replaces at least four pieces of commonly used rehabilitation equipment and does this all in a compact, portable package at a fraction of the price.


It can be easily moved to a patient’s room, hallway, therapy room or restorative area while still having the capability of performing hundreds of activities including: endurance, balance, gait, strength, standing, sitting, transfers and many more.


The safety harness system not only protects that patient from injury but the therapist as well. This can reduce potential patient liability and worker compensation claims. The harness also minimizes the number of staff needed to safely work with a patient and can also allow that therapist to efficiently complete required documentation during treatment by freeing their hands from the patient.

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