Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System

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Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System

Product Overview

Whether you are a surgery patient in post-op rehab or an elite athlete with a sports injury, you want to get back into action as quickly as possible. For you, passively treating symptoms isn’t enough. You want to proactively accelerate your recovery.


Thousands of physicians, physical therapists, and teams in virtually every professional sport choose Game Ready because:

  • In a class of its own – clinically proven results.
  • Patients report a better care experience.
  • Reduces pain and swelling without medications.
  • Comfortable and safe – no risk of tissue damage.
  • Easy to operate.


Physician Recommended Thecnology

Game Ready features patented ACCEL™ Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop) to help accelerate your recovery. Integrated active compression and cold therapies reduce pain and swelling, reduce muscle spasms, enhance lymphatic function, and encourage oxygenated blood flow – all to stimulate natural healing.


Clinically Proven Performance

For acute musculoskeletal injury and orthopedic surgery recovery, nothing else works proactively like Game Ready. Compared to traditional RICE (Rest–Ice–Compression–Elevation) applications, the Game Ready System offers more therapeutic benefits. For you, that means less pain without medications and a faster return to the activities you love.

Product Description

Innovative ACCEL™ Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop) sets a new standard in recovery, synergistically combining active compression and cold therapies in a revolutionary treatment system that gives you the power to help patients heal. Compression and Cold Therapy working together like never before!

Introducing the GRPRO2.1 The new user-friendly GRPro 2.1 control unit gives you and your patients better information and more control over their treatments. Pressure, temperature and time are easily monitored and adjusted with the touch of a button or the turn of a dial. Accessories such as a carry bag and rechargeable battery pack make the portable system even more convenient for providing treatment on the go.


    • Active pneumatic compression mimics natural muscle contractions, helping the body pump edema away while stimulating blood flow and oxygen delivery.
    • Rapidly circulating ice water actively removes heat and cools the tissue to reduce edema, muscle spasms and pain.
    • Air pressure conforms wrap to the body for better surface contact, allowing the system to pull heat away from the injury site more efficiently and enhancing the effects of cold therapy.
    • Faster, deeper, longer-lasting intramuscular cooling slows cellular metabolism, helping the body to minimize secondary tissue damage—and less damage means faster recovery.


  • Includes Control Unit, AC adapter and 6 ft. connector hose