First Degree Fluid E920 UBE

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First Degree Fluid E920 UBE

First Degree Fitness was founded in 2000 with the primary goal of offering the commercial fitness industry a new range of equipment that combined robustness with simplicity, but above all gave users of all ages and body types the ability to enjoy a perfectly tailored workout, with all the fitness benefits that accrue as a result.


At the heart of any item of fitness equipment is its resistance system. Without resistance, the user would be merely "pushing at an open door", and the simple fact is that all the energy expended by the user during a workout needs to be ultimately dissipated by some means. With an accumulation of over half a century in this industry, we have encountered items of equipment that come far too close to the “pushing at an open door” example, and conversely others so demanding that only elite athletes could use them without fear of injury. We saw that full and instant adjustability was essential to achieving our goals, and uniquely in this industry we believed that exploring the realm of fluid technology would hold the key.


It was because our design team knew and understood the unique resistance properties of water that they believed we could use these at the centre of a superior new product range for the fitness industry. Our patented “Fluid Technology” water resistance system was designed to offer 20 levels of resistance, from “feather light” to “Olympic sprint”, all at the touch of a lever. This system, which has always been subject to continuous improvement, is at the core of our original three models. During 2006 we responded to market demands with the release of our two new compact rowers, which have a modified 16 level resistance system, using gearing to still give a fully effective range.


We actively encourage those who are unfamiliar with our products to give them a try, because it is only through direct first-hand experience that you can feel just how different the Fluid Technology resistance system really is. We are confident in our claim that in today's market Fluid Technology resistance provides a unique combination of smoothness, instantaneous take up of load, evenness throughout the operational cycle, and exponential response to increases in work intensity. Yes, please do experience the difference!

Whether you climb mountains, throw a ball in any sport, run, lift at home or at work, dig that hole... and a myriad of other daily upper body strength requirements, the need to have upper body strength seems to be a benefit to all. There are many quality ways to achieve upper body strength and now fluid resistance technology just became one worthy of your attention.


  • 20 level patented Variable Fluid Resistance
  • Variable length crank arms -- ideal for mechanical/rehab use
  • Seated, standing or wheelchair access
  • Operates in forward & reverse directions
  • Angle adjustable, self leveling hand grips
  • Main arm adjusts from horizontal to vertical with internal gas-assist mechanism
  • Interactive Performance Monitor
  • 4 position, horizontal seat adjustment
  • Contoured "soft touch" seat with lumbar support
  • Foot rest for added stability
  • Heart rate reception built in
  • Compact footprint

General Specifications

  • Footprint: 125 x 99cm (49 x 39")

International Warranty

  • Frame: 10 years
  • Tank & Seals: 3 years
  • Non-Wearning Components: 2 years
  • All Others: 1 year