First Degree E-520 Fluid Rower

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First Degree E-520 Fluid Rower

The E-520 Fluid Rower is the epitome of all indoor rowers, bar none. It represents the highest quality indoor rowing experience and is the top of an already hard to beat line of fluid rowers from First Degree Fitness. It offers an industry-best on-water rowing emulation with a natural catch and resistance through the stroke along with unmatched durability and an unprecedented 20 levels of patented variable resistance. Many clubs or wellness centerÕs use it as their key go to equipment when trying to demonstrate innovation in fitness or a real sensitivity to user needs.


  • Interactive Performance Monitor: The E-316 and E-520 utilize our new Interactive Performance Monitor. The Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) displays: time; speed; distance; revolutions per minute; calories per hour; watts; level and has a heart rate receiver built in. The IPM gives you quick start, manual programs, interval training, 6 previous workout memories and a unique pacer system guaranteed to challenge and inspire you.
  • Unmatched Durability - Virtually Maintenance Free
  • 20 Level Patented Variable Fluid Resistance
  • Absolute Comfort, Stability & Performance
  • Widest Range of Resistance Available
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Belt Drive -- No Chains
  • World's Most Comfortable Seat at "Office Chair" Height
  • Air-Glide Seat Rollers
  • Dual Anodized Aluminum Seat Rail
  • Concealed Roller Design -- Cleaner, Safer & Smoother
  • Instant 1 Touch Adjustment for Foot Size
  • "Easy roll" transport wheels
  • Stands for storage
  • Unique Heel Support Assembly --The E520 Rower comes with a unique Heel Support assembly that provides an ergonomic "heels together" layout for user comfort.
  • Plus it has instant one-touch adjustments for foot size. You won't find a more comfortable rower!
  • Mobility and Storage All First Degree Fitness Rowers are designed for ease of mobility and minimal space requirement for storage. The E-520 rower includes large transport wheels and has been designed to store in the vertical position, requiring just 55 x 70cm (22" x 30") of floor space. With all the weight in the front end of this machine, picking it up and moving requires minimal effort and vertical storage is safe and stable.

General Specifications

  • Standing Size: 22" x 30"
  • Size: 75" x 22"

International Warranty

  • Frame: 10 years
  • Tank & Seals: 3 years
  • Non-Wearning Components: 2 years
  • All Others: 1 year