Chiron Portable Chiropractic Table with Drops

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Chiron Portable Chiropractic Table with Drops

You asked for it, we delivered! Presenting our most versatile adjustment table. We took the dependable Chiron Table one step further by adding smoothly operating lumbar and thoracic drops and standard hand rests. By truly addressing the need for a portable table that is uncomplicated and durable, yet advanced enough to accommodate a variety of adjustment techniques, the Chiron Pro has quickly become the table of choice for today's chiropractor on the go.

? Flexible Face Rest Range
? Lumbar Adjustment
* Thoracic Adjustment
? Hand Rests

Width: 21?
Length: 66?
Height: 18?
Weight: 23 lbs (Standard Version)
Warranty: Lifetime
Color: Black
Foam: Exclusive 1-1/2? chiropractic foam system

Recommended Options for your Chiron Table:
? Top Straight, Contoured (Drop version available in Contour Top Only)
? Carry Case