Balance Tilt Table

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Balance Tilt Table

Stonehaven Medical’s "Tuscan" Balance Model BAL3050 Variable Height Tilt Table is equipped with two motors, one for tilting the table and the other for adjusting the height for effortless patient transfer. It is designed for adaptation exercises from standing to laying and includes an Activity Tray. Also it allows for neuromotor revalidation in the standing, upright position. It includes an emergency release lever to lower the table in the event of power failure. It includes heavy duty locking casters.


Mimimum Height    

Maximum Height    33"/840mm
Cushion Width    26"/650mm
Total Length    77"/1960mm
Head Tilt Angles    87°to -0°
Lift Mechanism    Electric
Retractable Wheels Brakes    x4
Weight Rating    500lb/225kg.