Balance Exercise Band - 50yd Roll

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Balance Exercise Band - 50yd Roll

Stonehaven Medical’s Balance progressive-resistance Latex Exercise Bands provide both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion, flexibility and strengthening of the joints in the musculature system.

The resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the band, which are color coded to document the progress from one level to the next. The Stonehaven BALANCE Latex Exercise Bands ranges in resistance fro minimal resistance (AMBER) for severely debilitated or cardiac rehab to maximum strength (Purple) for athletic strengthening and work hardening programs.

Cutting the rolls is easy with scissors to the required length. Use as full length or tie into a loop. The BALANCE Latex Exercise Bands offers the versatility required to create effective exercise/rehab and strengthening regiments.


  • Consistent increase from color to color
  • Available in 5 color coded resistances, providing a wide range of treatments
  • Made under the international quality standard ISO 9002
  • 50 yard rolls (150 ft., 46m)
  • Supplied in color coded boxes with perforated dispensing slot for easy access and storage