Balance 7 Section Treatment Table

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Balance 7 Section Treatment Table

Stonehaven Medical’s Balance 7 Section "Diamond" Model BAL1090 exceeds the needs of a medical facility, while offering a great deal of versatility.  The Diamond 7 Section features a lift up center section for postural elevation, and affords greater extension for lumbar flexion/extension.  The Head Section includes effortless hand operated up/down armrests for variable height adjustment with the capability to swing out 180 degrees.  The Head Section also pivots in 2 directions, lifts up and tilts down, allowing easy access to the upper extremities and massage chair treatment positioning.  One of the superior features is the ability of the shoulder sections to raise and lower, allowing the practitioner closer proximity to their patient, thus minimizing back strain.  Cushions feature 2” foam with a choice of seven attractive upholstery colors to compliment any decor.


Gas Struts, hand lever activated, providing smooth adjustment at moveable top sections;

Cushion width of  28” (71 cm) x length of 76”
(193 cm);

Dual foot lever retractable heavy-duty hospital grade casters (4);

Frame designed for patient assisted lift accessibility, for ease of patient transfer;

2" Cushions secured to the heavy-duty metal frame with an integral T-Nut Bolt assembly; and

Hands free, foot operated up/down elevation levers
Weight capacity of 500 lbs (225 kg).